As I approached Al Zaatari’s dusty playground, the children swinging and playing under the relentless sun seemed oblivious to the troubles they have left behind. Many of these children crossed their countries border into Jordan under fire from Syrian armed forces –  and most have already lost everything.

The children quickly spotted my camera and posed yelling ‘soora, soora‘ the Arabic for picture. Making peace signs with his fingers one boy from Deraa politely tells me Jordan is beautiful, but the conditions in Jordan’s first official Syrian refugee camp are poor, and his parents tell me they want to go home.

My feeling that the children are blissfully unaware, and remarkably unscathed by what they must have seen, quickly faded, as the children gathered to chant against the Assad regime. Something many have seen their fathers do, the children, as young as four sang for the damnation of President Bashar Al-Assad’s soul and for the freedom of Syria.

All photo’s © Jessica Omari 

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