Syrian Refugee Crisis Interview – Sky News

Live interview in Sky News about the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan following Angelina Jolie’s visit to the Kingdom’s only Syrian Refugee Camp


Syrian Refugee Crisis – VT

The children are singing for freedom – and against the Assad regime. They want to go home.
Instead, leaving all they know behind, their new homes are tents in the desert plains of Northern Jordan.

As the crisis in Syria escalates increasing numbers of civilians are fleeing to neighbouring countries. One week since the opening of the first official Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan, Amman based Journalist Jessica Omari, reports from near the Jordanian Syrian Border.

Reporting, Filming, Editing: Jessica Omari, Translation with Tony Morquse.

Full interview with Andrew Harper, Representative of the UNHCR to Jordan

“No-one wants to be in a tent in the desert” that’s what Andrew Harper, representative of the UNHCR here in Jordan, told me on my visit to the Kingdoms first official Syrian refugee camp.

When I asked officials for directions the answer I was met with was “the desert”. Unfortunately for it’s new residents this is no exaggeration. Close to the Jordan Syria border, near the Northern Jordanian province of Al Mafraq, lay 2000 tents and little else. Read more.

Reporting and filming Jessica Omari

Aung Sung Suu Kyi’s Europe Trip 2012

Reporting and editing Jessica Omari

Jessica Omari produced the reversion of The Fight For Amazonia a three part series for Al Jazeera English aired February 2012.

What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You: 30 Minute Documentary on the lack of cohesive health care provisions under the NHS for Post-Natal Depression. Reporter: Jessica Omari, Camera Director: Rebecca Tyers, Producer: Tida Mercedes-Fields, Researcher: Kate Clifford.

Festifeel 2012, curated by Fearne Cotton. Presented and edited by Cara Dattani. Videographers: Jessica Omari, Matthew Tyzack, Nigel Wilson, Tom Lowe.


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